Reiki Workshop For Kids (ages 6-12)


Next workshop: Saturday, March 18/23. 10am - 2pm In person

Reiki is an energy healing technique with many benefits:

  • promotes relaxation
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • improves sleep
  • eases pain
  • improves self-healing
  • boosts confidence

Your child will learn how to do Reiki for themselves, others, and their pets.

Workbook and crystals included.

Level 1

Honoring Our Sensitive Kids Level I

This workshop is for sensitive kids between the ages of 6-12 years old. What does sensitive mean?

  • feel things at a deep level
  • often described as very emotional
  • often want to shut out the world, become withdrawn
  • reluctant to try new things
  • prefer to sit on the side lines
  • often have difficulty sleeping

If this describes your child, this workshop is for you. Your child will learn how to connect with their Angels plus many strategies to manage their big emotions, ease their worry, stand up for themselves and feel more confident. There is also a parent component which includes a video so that you can practice the techniques with your child. You also get a live Q & A call.

Workbook for both child and parent included, plus crystals for child.

Next date: April 15th 10am - 1pm Online

$125.00 First Child

$75.00 for siblings

Honoring Our Sensitive Kids - Level II. Ages 6-12 years

Prerequisite - Level I

Kids will practice connecting with more of the Angels. They will also learn to become more aware of their self-talk and ways to improve what they are telling themselves. There is also a focus on growth mindset and looking for opportunities, rather than obstacles.

Workbook and crystals included

$108.00 First Child

$75.00 for siblings

June 3rd. 10am - 1pm Online

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