Okotoks Confidence, Life Skills, & Mental Health Coaching for Kids and Parents

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    One of the greatest speakers and thought leaders in the area of child/parent communication and self-esteem. I’m riveted to my seat every time I hear Nola Peacock speak; she is compassionate and wise, helping parents to implement real life solutions for the raw and often difficult challenges they face. Nola is creating a new paradigm that leads the way for all parents and kids to finally begin to heal their relationship with each other and with themselves. A true champion for parents and kids everywhere, Nola navigates the often tricky terrain of parent/child relationship to arrive at stunning new realizations that truly awaken audiences everywhere and inspire them to step into their full potential.

    Karen McGregor,
    Speaker Successful Formula
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    Nola is a wonderful life coach! She has taught my daughter various practical tools/skills that she can use on a daily basis! My daughter is very open to sharing her concerns and asking for help. I was really impressed with Nola’s ability and experience level. Highly recommend her if you would like to get your child some professional help in addressing their life issues.

    Jessie Z.
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    I’ve been going to Nola for about 8 months now. I’m a new step mom and I’ve never had kids and needed someone to help me with being a stepmom. It’s been nice having her advise me when I am struggling with understanding the mind of someone else. I would tell Nola things I did that would crush me and I would question myself and she would encourage me and also give me advice to fix it. And it would always work!

    She has such a softness to her that even when you question saying something, she has a way of making you feel relaxed and safe. I’m really grateful for her. I wouldn’t have made it through these past months and kept my sanity without her.

    Kimberly S.
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    Nola provided youth with personal counseling as well as small group support within our Wellness Centre at the Forest Lawn High School. Her expertise and knowledge were appreciated by the students and the guidance counselors at the school. Youth told us that Nola was very professional and supported them in a very effective way.

    I appreciate all her kindness and support to our vulnerable youth. It is people such as Nola who truly make a difference in the lives of youth impacted by mental health issues.

    Tina Merali,
    Learning Leader