Meet The Face Behind Confident Happy Families

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I’m Nola Peacock, the proud owner of Confident Happy Families. I want to share the reason I am so passionate about helping children and families.  

I have always enjoyed working with children. It started by me teaching piano at the age of 16. Many times my students would share things that were bothering them and I would help them come up with solutions. As a paediatric oncology nurse, I witnessed children and their families navigate extreme challenges. I also saw many young people in my personal life, struggling with self-esteem, anxiety and depression. Children as young as 9 years old were cutting themselves, and teens were having suicidal thoughts. I knew what this was like.  

I myself had struggled with depression and it wasn’t until I started working with a life coach and learned strategies to manage stress and develop a positive mindset, that my life turned around. I realized that kids need to learn these same skills to help them navigate life. That was when I decided to create my own programs to teach children and their parents these crucial life skills.  

I coach both kids and their parents so that they can build strong connections and provide a toolbox full of strategies so they can manage whatever life throws at them. Plus, I offer suggestions on ways to have fun together as a family and create beautiful memories together.

Ten years into my career as a life and confidence coach, I have worked with children across the US and internationally online. I still work one-on-one with kids and their parents and with groups of children through various workshops. I especially love seeing kids feel confident, happier, and more resilient.

My motto is “there is always an answer.”

Why I’ve been successful

As an individual, I believe my compassion, kindness, caring and honest nature, and commitment set me apart from others. I treat each child or teen I work with like they were my own. I am highly intuitive, which helps me to support children in finding a solution that will work for them. I have a natural ability to put my clients at ease. I often hear my clients say, “I’ve never told anyone else this.” It is important to set kids up for success so I share tips with parents to do this.  

One of the most satisfying moments for me was working with a seven year old. He came to see me in a dark hoodie. The hood was up over his head and covered part of his face. He shared about how he had been bullied for months at school. My heart ached for him. I quickly learned what a special young boy he was and how he was the first to help out his classmates. As I reflected this back to him, he removed his hood, sat up straight and became very talkative. I shared some techniques with him and he came back the following week with a big smile. The bullying had already decreased. I feel so blessed to have been able to make a difference in his life.

During my downtime

When not working with my clients, I love riding my electric bike and spending time in nature, especially by water. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends. It doesn’t matter what we do, as long as we are together.

These last couple of years have been extra stressful for our young people. If you or someone you know could benefit from my expertise as a life and confidence coach, I invite you to get in touch. I offer coaching programs and workshops for kids, teens and parents. Please feel free to call me at (403) 477-6594 or email me at