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Many parents worry about their child/teen’s lack of confidence. They see their child/teen being influenced by others, not speaking up for themselves, and often feeling anxious or sad. Parents have said what they most want for their child is for them to feel confident, happy, and be true to themselves.

Meet Nola Peacock

Nola Peacock is a confidence and resilience expert, speaker, author, and founder of Confident Happy Families. The parent-child relationship lays the foundation for a child’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual development. Nola helps families create a strong foundation by strengthening their connection, improving communication, and reducing power struggles. She teaches parents how to guide their child/teen in a way that ensures their child/teen becomes a confident, resilient, and successful young adult.

  • Mental Health Coaching Okotoks
    • Confident Happy Kids Program

    Life can be stressful for kids. Giving them tools to manage everyday challenges is crucial to them feeling confident and being resilient. Having a mindfulness practice helps your child/teen focus, reduces their stress level, and assists them self regulate their emotions.

  • Confidence Coach Okotoks
    • Reiki Workshops

    Reiki is a holistic hands-on energy healing technique that works on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Nola calls it “a massage for your soul”. Reiki is a beautiful way to nurture yourself and others. It can also be used at bedtime to improve sleep.


  • One of the greatest speakers and thought leaders in the area of child/parent communication and self-esteem. I’m riveted to my seat every time I hear Nola Peacock speak; she is compassionate and wise, helping parents to implement real life solutions for the raw and often difficult challenges they face. Nola is creating a new paradigm that leads the way for all parents and kids to…

    Karen McGregor,
    Speaker Successful Formula

  • Nola is a wonderful life coach! She has taught my daughter various practical tools/skills that she can use on a daily basis! My daughter is very open to sharing her concerns and asking for help. I was really impressed with Nola’s ability and experience level. Highly recommend her if you would like to get your child some professional help in addressing their life issues.

    Jessie Z.

  • I’ve been going to Nola for about 8 months now. I’m a new step mom and I’ve never had kids and needed someone to help me with being a stepmom. It’s been nice having her advise me when I am struggling with understanding the mind of someone else. I would tell Nola things I did that would crush me and I would question myself and…

    Kimberly S.

  • Nola provided youth with personal counseling as well as small group support within our Wellness Centre at the Forest Lawn High School. Her expertise and knowledge were appreciated by the students and the guidance counselors at the school. Youth told us that Nola was very professional and supported them in a very effective way. I appreciate all her kindness and support to our vulnerable youth. It…

    Tina Merali,
    Learning Leader

  • Speaking

    Nola’s experience, knowledge, and passion combined with her formal training as a professional speaker has led her to be a popular guest speaker at many events.

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